The Finest Court Reporting Solutions Are Right Here for You

The Finest Court Reporting Solutions Are Right Here for You

As the world has recently through a period of considerable technology advancements, industrialized countries’ societies have watched in amazement as jobs they were considered indispensable have been eliminated. Many workers in factories, call centres, and even supermarket checkout lanes have been displaced by machines that are scarily effective at their jobs. Since a technological wave is now putting thousands of people out of work, there is a never-ending stream of questions regarding whether or not any jobs currently dependent on humans will be safe from the same fate.

Court Reporting

One such profession that was foreseen to go extinct as early as the 1970s is court reporting, which is the practise of making a verbatim legal record via the use of a shorthand stenotype machine. The court reporter’s long-term presence in the courtroom is sometimes overlooked since the post involves so little speech compared to other judicial authorities. When an appeal is filed, however, the court reporter is suddenly pushed into the limelight. If the judgement is appealed, the reviewing court will examine his or her prior work to determine whether or not to sustain the original ruling. This makes it crucial for our legal system to have a complete and accurate record of the proceedings. The sacramento court reporting professionals are the best choices here.

The Requirement for The Right Court Reporters

While the ability to capture shorthand was undoubtedly crucial for a court reporter in the pre-tape era, it’s hard to see how such skills would be useful in today’s highly technology world, marked by AI and voice recognition software. The simple answer to this issue is that the complexity of a court reporter’s duties still need the flexible abilities of a human intelligence. Some examples of such complexities include: recording only the words being said rather than any ambient noise; preventing solicitors from talking over one another; deciphering the accent of a foreign witness; asking whether a statement is on the record and determining whether it is; and reading back testimony immediately upon request.

Some Essential Ideas

In spite of how seemingly inconsequential the presence or absence of court reporters may seem to the general public, the absence of court reporters would be indicative of a decline in the quality of our justice system, which would negatively impact not only judges and attorneys, but also the clients and cases they represent. The loss of court reporters would be a serious blow to the integrity of the judicial system.


Court reporters have discovered that the use of technology to make records is a highly useful tool, and there is little doubt that technological progress has made people’s lives simpler in the United States. But we need to be careful about the weight we give to technology, especially when it comes to sensitive issues like those in the law. Court reporters could greatly benefit from using technological tools; yet, in this setting, machines will never be able to compete with human brains.

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