Steps to Take Immediately After a Motorcycle Accident

Crashes are especially dangerous for motorcyclists. Motor vehicles come with various safety features, such as seatbelts, steel frames, and airbags, while motorcycles do not, leaving their riders more vulnerable to getting hurt. Because of this, motorcycle crashes often cause life-changing injuries, even death, to their riders.

Even the most responsible motorcyclists can get injured by negligent drivers. When this happens, they have the right to hold the at-fault driver liable for their injuries and accident-related losses.

Motorcyclists who get into an accident should consider taking the following steps right away to protect their claim for compensation and legal rights.

Safety Should Be The First Priority

If the injured rider can safely move after the crash, they must check on other people involved and call 911 and the police to report the accident. Wait for the first responders to arrive. If they feel like they might cause further harm by moving or suspect they have a broken bone or some other serious injury, they should not move except if they need to remove themselves from a dangerous area, like if the crash happened in the middle of a busy roadway.

If they hit their head, they should avoid moving, even if they were wearing their helmet during the crash.

Get Medical Attention Even For Seemingly Minor Injuries

Many people suffer serious injuries in motorcycle crashes without knowing it. The adrenaline rush following a crash can mask pain, and some injuries don’t exhibit serious symptoms until hours or several days after an accident. Also, what might look like minor symptoms could indicate something very serious. For instance, a tiny cut can initiate a severe infection, a mild headache could be a traumatic brain injury, or back pain could mean a spinal fracture, among many other things.

Collect Evidence at The Scene

Exchange information with everyone involved, including their contact information and insurance information. If possible, injured motorcyclists should also snap pictures and take videos of the accident scene and see if there are witnesses who can give their statements about the accident.

Talk to a Hartford Roadside Lawyer As Soon As Possible

An experienced Hartford roadside lawyer can significantly increase an injured motorcyclist’s chances of obtaining maximum compensation for their claim. If they wait too long to discuss their case with a lawyer, they might forget crucial facts about the crash, and evidence might be lost. Their lawyer will also handle all negotiations with the at-fault party’s insurer while the injured rider recuperates.

Remember, insurers will try everything they can to settle the claim as low as possible, but having a lawyer will ensure the injured rider will not be bullied into accepting a low offer.

Get In Touch With an Experienced Hartford Roadside Lawyer Today

Berman & Russo’s Hartford roadside lawyers have handled all kinds of motorcycle accident claims for injured riders across Connecticut. With more than 30 years of legal experience, they know what it takes to secure maximum compensation for their clients. Dial 860-644-1548 or reach them online to schedule a free consultation with a Hartford roadside lawyer.

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