In The Event of A Car Accident In Rockford, Should You Consult A Lawyer?

Accident victims in Rockford may feel helpless and unsure of what to do after being injured in a car incident. Fortunately, having a skilled Rockford car accident lawyer on one’s side during discussions or litigation helps lighten the load of dealing with the aftermath of an automobile accident.

Considerations to make

A victim of an accident may or may not need legal representation depending on a number of criteria, including:

  • Details of the incident itself;
  • The total amount of automobiles involved in the incident;
  • If there were any casualties;
  • If there was serious damage to property; and
  • Whether or not the injured party needed time off from work because of their injury.

For instance, insurance companies may typically manage cases involving small fender benders where no one was injured, and minimal property was damaged without the need for legal representation. Yet even in such situations, an injured party with little time to waste

The time and energy he or she has at his or her disposal to devote to the case. The matter may take significantly longer to resolve when there are serious injuries or substantial property damage.

Acquiring payment

Victims of car accidents caused by another party’s carelessness or recklessness are entitled to compensation for their injuries and other losses.

  • Medical costs, present and future;
  • Paid time off;
  • Potential income loss;
  • Damage to property; and
  • Discomfort and anguish.

However, the injured party may need to make a claim and prove the other party’s carelessness before receiving compensation. This can be challenging if the fault is not immediately apparent or if both parties have some responsibility for the incident. Injured parties can still seek compensation from the at-fault party under the legal theory of comparative negligence; however, the amount they get will be reduced by their own degree of culpability. 

However, compensation claims will be dismissed if a jury finds that the injured party was more than 50% at fault. An attorney who can effectively establish fault is invaluable in such situations.

In severe injuries requiring hospitalization or continued care, the other party’s insurer may be unwilling to pay for these expenses, even when their policyholder is obviously at fault. An experienced vehicle accident attorney who can deal with insurance companies and negotiate a greater award is invaluable in these situations. 

If the parties are unable to settle their dispute out of court, the aggrieved party will likely need to seek judicial relief; in such a case, having legal counsel is essential because courts are notoriously severe with regard to the timeliness of filing, the sufficiency of the evidence presented, and other such procedural requirements.

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